About Ege University

Ege University is a state university that acts as a focal point for education, research, cultural and social activities in the city of Izmir and the Aegean region.

Ege University was established in 1955 (according to Law No: 6595) with two faculties: Medicine and Agriculture. In 1982, it was one of the largest universities in Turkey with 17 Faculties, 9 Schools and 7 Institutes when it was divided into two separate universities; Ege University and Dokuz Eylül University by a State decision. After the division; Ege University ended up with 7 Faculties, 3 Schools and approximately 9000 students. Today, Ege University, which is aware of the responsibility of being the first university in the Region, pioneers the cooperation platforms of Izmir and Regional Universities in different areas. 

Ege University carries fundamental ideal of achieving excellence and highest quality in undergraduate and graduate education, in research and in public service by encouraging critical intellectual development, combining research and teaching, redefining educational goals of this millennium and by utilizing physical and human resources to provide a better learning environment and guided learning.

Ege University is the University of Choice for intelligent, motivated students who are willing to learn and accept responsibility and wish to receive high quality education in an atmosphere where ideas are freely exchanged.

Being a university with an international perspective, the educational system of Ege University is based on the principle of creative teaching and participatory learning.

Ege University is a research based, teaching oriented institution, training students up to Doctorate level. A total of 55,000 students are enrolled at Ege University in the 2012-2013  academic year, the number of the academic staff is approximately 3,000.

Today, Ege University has 13 Faculties,  3 Graduate Schools, 6 four-year Schools, 5 Institutes,  7 two-year Vocational Training Schools and 27 Research and Application Centers.